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"In the beginning, I must admit that I was uneasy about Remix Your Future's A&R meet and greet. It wasn't that I hadn't been apart of one before, just that this event seemed more exclusive than past events I have attended.  However, after meeting The Mattrix and John during the course of the night, I discovered that this event was not the typical A&R listening session where A&Rs listen to a sample of your music, then give you generic, meaningless advice as they saw fit, but rather an interactive session where we challenged ourselves and each other as artists, walking away with valuable information inaccessible anywhere else. What's more is that we were able to make the session what we wanted it to be by asking questions on a personal level, developing an intimate relationship with an A&R, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend who believes in us when no one else will, ultimately equipping us with the tools, connections, and strategies we need to ascend to heights we ourselves could never imagine."  - One who May Ascend  (Dallas, Texas)